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Client Testimonials & Customer Reviews:



Jeff  4/1/2017

Switched to Connerth after having a less than satisfactory relationship with my previous property manager. They are quick to respond and keep me informed!

Elizabeth Tarr 3/20/2016

My husband and I worked with Michael Connerth at Connerth & Company to help rent out our home.
This was our first time renting out our home and Michael made it extremely easy for us by answering our questions every step of the way. His professionalism, market knowledge and communication skills are top notch. He allowed us to feel at ease with renting out our home. If you are looking for a property manager, look no further, you will be in good hands with him.

Roberto  3/30/2017

Very helpful and professional staff, no need to worry they will take care of everything.

Heather 2/1/2016

This is hands-down one of the best property management companies I have ever worked with. As a property owner I want to ensure that my property is being well-maintained and the best interest of the property is at the heart of the property manager. I believe with this company that is the case, I've had nothing but good experiences and positive interactions with the employees. Every time I have ever called no matter the time of day my calls are answered by very respectful and professional individual.they take care of my home like it is their own. I'm active-duty Army and highly encourage everyone to seriously consider this company for your property management needs. I have been out of town for quite some time and every time I come in and check my property it is in wonderful condition.

Ed Sutton 11/24/2014:

Outstanding customer service! Purchased a home with Michael Connerth in 2012 and couldn’t be happier. Michael walked me through every step of the home buying process with no surprises at closing. I highly recommend Connerth and Company if you are looking to buy or rent in the Clarksville area.

Brandon McCleary 4/3/2017

This company has represented my property for about two and a half years, I've had a couple of property managers before some of them are normal others were horrible but Connerth & Company is one of the best I have had. This company is taking care of my house like it was their own. I give them a full five stars no complaints I highly recommend.

Tracy Pearson  3/31/2017

Professional property management company. They have managed my property for two years and I am very satisfied with their services and will continue with them in the future. I highly recommend.

Anson Ricks 4/1/2017

Connerth & Co. Realty and Property Management is a great company. They have taken care of us and I am very impressed with their service. They are very professional and care about their clients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent their home in the Clarksville area.


Allen Moser 11/25/2014:

As an agent dealing with this company overall it is an easy company to deal with. I have done a couple transactions with Mr. Connerth and he is an excellent negotiator and he works to get the best deal for his clients. Because of this he can come off as a bit brusque during the negotiation but once you are no longer adversaries and are working to get a deal closed he is excellent to work with and on top of his paperwork.

Ryan Barbour:

As a novice landlord, I was having trouble renting my property and finding the right venue to post. Called Connerth & Co; they came out the same day. After some excellent advice and even better service, they found me the perfect renter within just a few weeks. Definitely worth not trying to manage myself! Trust me on this one, they will make managing a property headache-free! I plan on aquiring another property within the next year, rest assured I will be coming back to Connerth.

Daniel Rendleman

Michael Connerth sold us our first home in 2011. Even though we didn't know exactly what we wanted at first, Mic

hael walked us through the process, showed us what to look for, and took his time. He could have sold us one of the first houses we looked at without trouble, but instead he made sure we had something that we really wanted. Even better, when we said we were willing to go over our budget (and thus increase his own payment), Michael told us to slow down. He said we could find something that we loved without busting our wallets. He was right and that integrity says a lot about how he does business. Now that we have moved away from the area, Michael manages our home as a rental. He is always responsive and dedicated. Though being an absent landlord is considered stressful by some, we never have any worries with Michael at the helm.

Eamonn O'Shea:

 The decision to have Connerth & Co. manage my property was easy after interviewing the other local companies. Hands down the most professional and attentive Realtor in the Clarksville area. Michael will give you the best advice with years of experience in Real Estate and Property Management.




Working with Michael was amazing. He gets things done in a quick and efficient way. He was very personable and easy to work with. You can tell he has a lot of experience in this field because he handled my situation with ease. I recommend Michael to anyone who needs assistance in renting/buying/ or selling a house!

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